Monday, August 30, 2010

Opening Friday September 3

We will open our fields for picking on Friday, September 3. We have Fall raspberries, Fall blueberries and flowers. We did not plant tomatoes this year... too wet and cold. And we removed our thornless blackberries after last Falls harvest.

The blueberries are the 'Elliot' variety. A mid-size berry with a wonderful blueberry flavor. The raspberries are 'Caroline' and they are very sweet and fragrant. The price for you-pick is $1.95 a pound for both berries. We also have a field of flowers. They include 4 types of zinnias, 4 types of sunflowers, cosmos, statice, snapdragons, cleome and a couple other varieties that escape my mind. The price is 25 cents a stem. Feel free to bring a bucket from home that can be filled with water to keep your flowers fresh on the way home.