Friday, June 28, 2013

Yummy Goodness!

This frozen delight will be very refreshing at about 3 o'clock this afternoon.
I popped these in the freezer last night with very simple ingredients.
Before I began, I measured the amount of liquid I would need to fill my four cups.
It measured to 1 1/3 cups of filling.
Next, I measured 1 cup of lemon yogurt
1/4 cup smashed raspberries
1/4 cup smashed blueberries.
Divide the yogurt into 3 equal parts.
Mix each berry type into one of the yogurts.
Fill the Popsicle cups 1/3 full with the raspberry mixture.
Place into freezer for 10 minutes to allow the first layer to firm slightly.
Layer the plain lemon yogurt on top of raspberry layer and top with the blueberry yogurt mixture.
Place the center stick into the pop and freeze until firm, or overnight.
And this is what came out of the freezer this morning!
I was tempted to eat it this morning but my husband convinced me to wait.

But I took one bite...see if he notices.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Berry Season is in Full Swing

And it appears that I have ignored this blog!
Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake
With a name like that, I had to make this recipe.
This morning, I popped this in the oven before heading out for a walk.
When I returned, the house smelled like heaven!
Needless to say, the cake is gone...nothing but a memory.
I found the recipe here
Very simple, using ingredients you probably have on hand.
black and red currants
I did a little research on currants.
And I found out they are easier to handle and clean if they are frozen first.
So, in to the freezer they went.
First on the cookie sheet until frozen and now they are waiting for me in freezer bags.
I have some recipes I am going to try.
And I am open for suggestions...
How do you use currants?
Frozen Daiquiri Mix
And I did manage to make some Strawberry Daiquiri Mix.
The recipe can be found here.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our season is about to begin!

We are busy getting the market ready for our opening day,
 Saturday, June 1st.
Today, I had time to make a batch of freezer jam. Yummy!
The fields will be muddy with all that rain in the last week,
 so wear your boots.
Our Hood berries will be ready for picking and maybe
 the Puget Reliance too.
The price is $1.50 a pound for u-pick 
and $2.25 a pound for ready picked strawberries.